Saturday, August 28, 2010


Friday, August 27, 2010

More lolz


3 Easy Ways to Troll

First way: Awkward Elevator
This method isn't as rageworthy as many other methods, however it does invoke a very awkward situation.
It's simple, find an elevator with people located within in and face in a different direction to everyone else in the elevator, face to face.

Second way: Shit dollar
Effectively this is the most gorey and disgusting, however it will pay off.
Basically, get a shit, I don't care how, just do it, rub it on one side of a dollar bill and place the clean side down on the ground. Take a seat and watch as someone picks up this shit dollar and has an awful day.

Third way: Obnoxious Troll
Start a conversation with someone, talk extremely slowly and ask questions about how there day was and start talking about horribly boring crap. 

Goodluck trolling Anon.